The composer C.F.E. Hornemann conducted the choir in the years 1878-1883.

Hornemann is probably best known for the opera "Aladdin"

Ydunchoir's conductors 1857-2013:

H. Frederiksen 1857-1859
Gottschacksen 1859-1861
Hildebrandt 1861-1870
H. Frederiksen 1870-1872
W. Vater 1872-1878
C.F.E. Hornemann 1878-1883
Johan Bartholdy 1883-1892
Vilhelm Rosenberg 1892-1907
Poul Hellmuth 1907-1916
Vilhelm Rosenberg 1916-1925
Ikke oplyst!  
Alfred Strandqvist 1930-1936
Ikke oplyst!  
Richard Østerfeldt 1938-1946
Cai Wendelboe-Jensen 1946-1949
Richard Østerfeldt 1949-1957
Finn Reif 1957-1960
Preben Meile 1960-1964
R. Kaufmannas 1964-1968
Gunnar Svensson 1968-1976
Carl Sanger 1976-2003
Thomas Berglund 2003-2006
Marco Lorenzo 2006-

Ydunchoir's chairmen 1857-2013:

F. Hansen 1857-1858
T. Ottesen 1858-1867
Duusen 1867-1869
Chr. Borch 1869-1870
J.C. Nielsen 1870-1874
Chr. Borch 1874-1879
P. Petersen 1879-1894
Carl Landau 1894-1907
Chr. Schouw Ikke oplyst!
A.L. Lund Ikke oplyst!
Frederik Abildrose 1930-1957
Kaj Å. Folvig 1957-1960
Poul Sørensen 1960-1970
Svend Dohm 1970-1972
Alice Sibbern 1972-1975
Hans J. Hansen 1975-1986
Torben Larsen 1986-1991
Else Böhme 1991-1995
Eliza Bihlet 1995-1996
Else Böhme 1996-2009
Helle M. Schultz 2009-2010
Torben Larsen 2010-2011
Ellen Stevenson 2011-
Photo from the member magazine
Photo from the member magazine "Idun" from the choir's summer tour in 1907

Ydunkoret was founded on 08.01.1857 as an all mens choir. The chorus is one of the oldest in Denmark.

The name Ydun comes from Norse mythology, where the goddess Idun is guardian of the golden apples which give the gods eternal youth.
The choir's historical roots go further back. During the war years 1848-50 people gathered in different contexts and sang patriotic songs. This is was a passtime that a group of cobblers in Copenhagen took up, and they founded a choral society named Erato - the lovable muse of dance and love songs.

This society continued until 1856, where it disbanded due to internal strife. The choir divided ,and in one group Ydunkoret was created.

It was a very exciting time for the choir in the beginning and they were hired for many demanding projects. Around 1874 the membership numbers rose to 140 men, though  some had to put up with being passive members. At that time they had to pay a fine of 8 shillings if they did not come to rehearsals. The money was saved for the annual summer fest, which was always arranged with horsedrawncarriages to transport the members.

C.F.E. Hornemann's original score

Section of the Hornemann original score for festkantaten

Hornemann composed and dedicated a festcantate to the choir on the occasion of Ydunkorets 25 th anniversary in 1882. He also composed a cantata for the opening of the famous Tivoli Concert Hall which Ydunkoret premiered .

Photo from the members magazine "Idun" from a song festival in Aalborg in 1907

Ydunkoret, as a purely male choir in the late 1950s. In front of the choir's longterm conductor, Richard Baltic Feldt.

The years passed with rehearsals, concerts, radio broadcasts and a social gatherings. The solidarity and camaraderie was good - both in good and in bad times. During periods of unemployment and war they helped each other. They sang their heart's content to bring light to otherwise dark times. In the 1950's membership dwindled unfortunately.  In 1963 someone had the bright idea to offer women acces to membership of the choir - and this helped.