Jubilee Year 2007

The Choir's foundation day was celebrated with a private reception on its 150th anniversary, Monday 8th January 2007.

On wednesday the 5th september 2007 the Choir gave an anniversary gala concert in Christianskirke, in Christianshavn, Copenhagen.

A unique and special experience for the choir, was to perform CFE Horne Mann's "Cantata"  which the composer had dedicated to Ydunkoret in 1882 on the occasion of the choir's 25 th anniversary.

The "Cantata" was last performed at the choir's 125th anniversary 25 years ago. In connection with the anniversary concert, the Danish radio broadcast a 20-minute portrait of the choir on P1 - Radio Vita, 16 May at 11:30 and 21:30 and 17 May at. 05:30.